HP finishes Paul McCartney’s private digital library

What does this have to do with the future of dentistry and how your office functions????

With the increasing digitization of records as offices go paperless, as they store cbCT images, the increasing creation of clinical images for case documentation, patient education material, whatever, the term TERABYTES is now in the lexicon of most practices.  The reality is that inevitably, you’ll archive all this media storage off-site to protect it.  Read the accompanying article and envisage how it will inevitably impact on you…..once again, extrapolate and it has to do with the Beatles – so it’s of earth shattering importance.

Paul McCartney

Image by Sander Lamme via Flickr

HP has launched Paul McCartney‘s private cloud-based media library with more than a million items…just for Sir Paul and his friends.

Eight months ago ex-Beatle Paul McCartney inked a deal with technology giant Hewlett-Packard to create a private cloud-based media library to provide access to McCartney’s enormous collection of music, film, imagery, and music. Today, HP announced that it has launched the library–and while it’s only available to McCartney and anyone he wants to share it with–at least for the moment–the company is touting the project as a demonstration of its technological prowess and globe-spanning cloud services.

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