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Internal and external resorption repair from your friendly neighbourhood Santa Barbarian

January 12, 2012
by ken

I’ve had very good results with treatment of resorption.  The key is to aggressively eliminate the lesion when anatomically possible.

Key considerations and management issues regarding this case.

1.       The  resorption defect was surgically accessible on the buccal as mapped out from the CBCT.

2.       I made sure I cleared bone away from the defect identifying the entire circumference of the prep margin so I was sure I treated the entire defect.

3.      I didn’t’ worry about preserving the papillas with a “papilla preserving” surgical design because it would have immensely complicated surgical management of the coronal extent of the resorption defect.

4.      Clearing a little bit of bone away from the root at all margins, reflecting the papilla away as described greatly improved control of hemostasis during bonding with Tenure and placement of Geristore.

I get referred many resorption cases.  I’ll post another one I had yesterday in a subsequent email.

Terry Pannkuk

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