It’s getting better all the time………….

Teledentistry (Tele-OralHealth)…

Webinars are fast becoming the sine qua non for dental education.  For those who challenge this, I suggest they start looking at the statistics from Angus Reid and Millennium research on other media delivery platforms.  It’s not about the now, it’s about the trends that will be the drivers of the next decade. There will always be early adapters and there will always be Johnny come lately’s, however, the trick is to not get to the platform after the train has pulled out of the station.
Adobe Connect, WebX, GotoMeeting et al abound, the latest magical application is Work Light which will hopefully help companies meet customer demand for engaging, robust and useful applications on the iPHONE, Android, desktops and 3rd party websites such as Facebook and Google.  But the real monster is VSee…….like most web based applications, this started out as an application for sales force training….but applications were designed to morph and so……click on the link and see what in a very short time will be the future of dental education.
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