New FullHD video of Piezoelectric Apical Microsurgery

From ROOTS member Leandro A. P. Pereira

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e in Brazil we have the Carnival week (this week),my wife is travelling abroad, lecturing in NYU and I really don’t like Carnival and it’s raining a lot. I prefer a little bit of blood 馃檪 Just joking.

So I need to use my time to produce something. As Ken suggested, I’m writing a paper but I need to have some moments of fun then I made a new video with the files that I have stored.

I’ve posted this new apical piezoelectric microsurgery video on youtube. Here is the link:

The case: This patient, my undergraduated student, presented to me with a symptomatic 11.  Radiographically with previous endodontic treatment (10 years ago), apical radiolucence, apical root resorption. CBCT view: radiolucence is bigger then in Xray.

The endodontic retreatment was performed with intentional overfilling (to posterior apicoectomy).

The triangular arquitecture of interproximal papillae allowed these incisions.

After the apicoectomy, take a good look at the micro-mirror to see the oval shape aspect of root canal on the apical third. It can explain the cause of the first endodontic faillure. Look at the guta percha inside the root canal in contact only with buccal wall. After this, take a look at the palatal wall, there are a lot of sealer and nothing of guta-percha!!! But in the Xray the endodontic retreament looks very good!!!

At this time of surgery I remembered of Marco Versiani’s microCTs!!!

MTA as retrofilling material.

Calcium Sulphate to graft the bone lesion.

Sutures with Vicryl 6-0 and 8-0.

Post op of 18 hours and 72 hours with sutures removed.


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