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Nobuddy dows da troubles I sin – or in this case SYNCONE

February 17, 2012
by ken

Having a devil of a time getting folks to wrap their heads and their fish around the concept of sharing and caring cases without a “gold invitation”…….not sure why this is, but – it’s sad……SOOOOOOO – I’ve decided to share a case that is not ALL ON FOUR, but something of the same ilk or elk………now the fellow who did this, I can’t remember his name, but I think I can do a skip trace on him and perhaps he’ll share his input through comments or figure legends or whatever….if not, it’s self-explanatory and if not, then visit…….http://www.dentsply-friadent.com/en/641_4104.htm – DOUBLE CLICKEZ-VOUS!!

The ANYKLOS SynCone concept stands for a patient-friendly option for immediate or delayed prosthetic restoration of the edentulous jaw on prefabricated tapered abutments. At the same time, SynCone provides the wearing comfort and fit of a firmly anchored bridge that can easily be removed for cleaning at any time and hence fulfills the patient’s hygiene standards. New study data, published in the third issue of the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants (JOMI, Quintessenz) in 2011, also attest to the quality of a restoration using the SynCone concept over the long term: according to the current investigation by Romanos, May D. and May S., the success rate of the immediately loaded implants in combination with a removable prosthesis in the mandible is 94.06 percent.1