One file, one cone – dohn’t compute!!!

The image below is produced by a technology called microCT.  90 years ago, similar images were produced by ink infusion technology. Dr. Hess in Germany showcased the inordinate complexity of the root canal system and tragically begat the Focal Infection Era.

Technology for the sake of technology obviates the reality of biologic fundamentalism. No matter what iteration of material or technique arises, it must stand on an impervious, unattackable foundation and nothing that shines or glitters should be in place without the assurance of permanence, integrity and longevity.  The most spectacular painting or statue by the Renaissance masters will still be impacted upon by environment, history, and mankind. 

In the case of endodontics, it’s time to revisit the why, not the whiz…………your comments are welcome.

ApiceMolarVersiani .jpg

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