R.I.P. Andy Rooney

God bless Andy Rooney for reinvigorating the premise behind and advocacy of the inveterate curmudgeon……he spoke his mind, got in endless trouble for it and was even suspended at one time from 60 minutes, but the lad knew how to gripe and grumble on a level that no one ever achieved………ergo, this entry…Michael Zuk, a Canadian dentist bought John Lennon‘s decayed molar for more than $31K at an auction in England on Saturday……this apparently goes along with a collection of dinosaur teeth in his office……….AR mode turned on and tuned in…….

“Now, from my perspective, $31K for a tooth which will be ostensibly used to market a dental office is somewhat egregious. It represents about 2/3’s the average earnings of Canadian households and in a down economy, with the continued bunga bunga of the European union and the impact this will have on the Canadian economy in 2012, it seems a tad over the top. If I were a dentist, I’d be starting to worry about those who would talk about dentists and their Porsches or Teslas as they used to discuss the MDs and their Porsches. Granted that was before the Canadian government put those lads on salary almost and taught them a thing or two. The Reichstag in Ottawa is about to do the same thing to the wheat farmers, so it remains to be seen whether the dentists will truly take it in the heart or not…….
All of this brings up the next entrepreneurial consideration for dentists to participate in……..a necklace of wisdom teeth from the Kardashian corporation AKA, Kris Jenner and her we will do anything,flaunt anything,transcend any moral and ethical standard to never have a real job children….OR, a vial of calculus from Britney Spears to be worn a la the blood of Billy Bob Thorton by Angelina Jolie wannabees, dental floss used by Rihanna woven into a string bikini for those with or without midriff muffins, or amalgam dust from the fillings of Madonna used as the major ingredient of disco eye shadow…..the 80’s are back with a vengeance………….living in the material world………papa don’t preach.”
Andy Rooney taught us to understand that in the REAL WORLD, politically correct was the plan B of those who couldn’t either take or understand a joke (think Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas – one showed the other, you can get away with literally anything in America provided you say, “I don’t remember”).  Andy will be missed. Now let’s talk about something truly hilarious; mandated encryption of dental records and communications in Ontario………….

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