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It is NOT my intention to use this blog to proselytize. It IS my
intention to use this blog to heighten awareness of how increasingly
broad the dental educational landscape is becoming because there are no
borders, no geographical or political impediments to confront. The
answer to associations, societies and institutions who do n

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ot encourage
transparent communication between its members in the most
non-restrictive way possible was put forth by Ronald Reagan in the late
80’s – Mr.(Dr.) -fill in the blank- tear down this wall!!!!

It’s summer time, trauma is an issue for anyone youngster
playing……….the links will take you to a MOBILE ME cloud that
provide insight into how trauma should be evaluated and treated and a
sample case from a friend from MUNICH who shared this case with the 3000
members of an online endodontic discussion forum.

As an addendum, I asked my friend Arnaldo Castellucci for information on a new file system.  He sent me “his blog” (Italian) which “of course” has an English version………the reverse scenario is not very common………perhaps it’s

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time to realize the world doesn’t end at the eastern and western beaches of N. America and that if we want to truly learn from the world’s best, we need to reach out and reciprocate – SHARE AND CARE……it’s long overdue, and the Internet facilitates this in

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