Sliding down the greased pole

By Donna Domino, Feature Editor Dr. Bicuspid

October 25, 2011
— Scandals, lawsuits, a growing focus on commercialization and
self-promotion, and dentists who prescribe excessive treatments are
tarnishing the profession’s image, according to a presentation on ethics
at the recent ADA annual session in Las Vegas.

Most dentists may be surprised that a
Google search on ethical scandals among health professions shows that
dentistry now gets more hits than medicine, nursing,chiropractics,and
pharmacology, according to Ann Boyle, DMD, interim provost and vice
chancellor for academic affairs at Southern Illinois University.

Some of the public’s changing perceptions toward dentistry can
undoubtedly be traced to ubiquitous media coverage of scandals and
malpractice lawsuits involving medical professionals, Dr. Boyle noted.

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