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The Power of Experience to Educate and Empower Your Patients

August 3, 2016
by Oral Health

Are you doing all you can to motivate and empower your patients to become actively involved in their dental health?   

As dental professionals, you are trained to understand the science of oral health. You know how to use the tools available to provide the best treatment possible for the patient. However, sometimes we forget that the patient in our chair is not as well versed in dentistry, and may not understand what we are talking about.

Are you sharing information with your patient in simple to understand terms and making it comfortable for them to be curious and ask questions?  

Put yourself in the patient’s shoes. As a patient, you generally know nothing about dentistry, except:
•    You come to the dentist to get your teeth “cleaned”;
•    You have teeth, and you want to keep them….(and yes; you should floss more!);
•    The metal hook the Hygienist uses looks like a torture tool and can sometimes hurt your gums;
•    You are afraid to be told there is something “wrong”;
•    You are fearful of the potential pain.

How are you helping the patient to feel at ease to ask questions and learn more about their oral health?  What does your patient know about the impact oral health has on their entire body’s health? Do you know what your patients are afraid of?
•    Is it the needle?
•    Is it the potential for pain?
•    Is it feeling out of control?
•    Could they be embarrassed by their teeth/mouth?
•    Asking a “stupid” question?
•    Have they had a bad experience in the past?

Patients may not be willing to advise you that they are afraid without some prompting from you. Fears can be overcome by providing a safe environment. Take the time to make each patient visit a personal one. Take the time to make a connection with your patient and provide an experience that educates and empowers your patients.

TGNA provides a team of experienced professional coaches, each an expert in their specialist area of practice management to work with your team towards increasing production, reducing stress, building team morale and creating positive patient experiences.  To learn more about how we can help you, we welcome you to contact us at info@transitionsonline.com or call toll free 1-800-345-5157.

About the Author:
Lisa Rolland, TGNA Account Relationship Manager

Lisa maintains the critical role of conduit and liaison between clients, the dental teams, and our coaches.  Her solid understanding and appreciation for building client relationships along with her creative nature is an asset to Transitions Group.

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  1. When patients feel educated and empowered, they’re more likely to return! Not only that, but customers will appreciate that you took the time to educate them about their mouths and make them feel more at ease.

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