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The vision has to begin somewhere……

March 22, 2011
by ken

Working on getting the figure legends…….the animations are easy…graphics will come, content is the driver………THIMK DIFFERENT about how you choose to learn through sharing and caring……and twenty minutes later the figure legends come in……GOD BLESS THE INTERNET…please excuse the formatting…….the blog software is wonky, once you’ve put the pix in alignment, resetting figure legends is a nightmare…..ahem, Melissa!!!!

27 year old female patient….Medical history – N/A
Fig 1. Pre-op radiograph
Fig 2. 12 weeks after extraction
Fig 3. X-ray post surgery showing 2 BioHorizon 3.5mm x12mm internal taper inserted in the 4.6 and 4.7 area
Fig 4. Image shows the master model at the delivery session – abutments attached to mounting jig
Fig 5. Intraoral clinical image showing the healthy, mature gingival profile prior to prosthetic loading
Fig 6. Intraoral clinical image showing the seated restorations
Fig 7. Intraoral clinical image shwoing the occlusion and the creation of optimal hygiene access spacing
Fig 8. X-ray taken to check that seating is accurate
Animation chosen at random…..now if we only had a company that could reproduce animations from keyframes to simulate the clinical situation, welllllllllllthen……….



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