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ToothIQ by Symbyos

ToothIQ was developed by Symbyos (, a health
information systems
company founded in 2001 to build Web-based solutions
for dental health care delivery. It is our belief that educated
consumers make the best decisions about their health care. Once a person
is knowledgeable about their dental health needs and treatment options,
their dental benefits should be available to them without delay.

ToothIQ was architected to enable both consumers and dental health
professionals to quickly find information to make the best decisions
about care. It is peer-reviewed by dental and medical professionals, and
is internationally certified as a trustworthy source of unbiased oral
health information.

Oral Health Literacy

Many people engage in oral health decisions without having a full
understanding of their needs and treatment options. Barriers to
understanding include the use of industry jargon in describing problems
and solutions; language barriers; lack of efficient learning systems; an
overabundance of poorly organized information, which is lacking in
context; presence of conflicting data; and lack of time to explore

ToothIQ is at the forefront of the oral health literacy movement. It
was designed to help users from all backgrounds, including those with
basic literacy skills and those with advanced dental training. It is
available in 42 languages through Google’s Translate utility.

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Intended use of ToothIQ

ToothIQ provides information about dental diagnoses and treatment
options. Information is presented in clear, easily understood articles,
designed to provide a framework for understanding dental topics. Links
are provided to additional learning sources, where users may go to
educate themselves in greater depth. The information available on
ToothIQ is not intended to be a substitute for the advice or treatment
of an appropriately qualified dental or medical professional. Do not
delay evaluation of, or treatment for a dental condition based on
something you have read on ToothIQ. ToothIQ does not provide medical or
dental advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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