Y Dentists Should Hook Up w/ Social Media

networking may not be your thing, and that’s okay. It can be difficult
to keep up with daily, or even weekly, blogs and posts on Twitter,
Facebook, and the many other networking sites out there in cyberspace.
Even if you aren’t the tech-savvy dentist who Twitters in real time
about a root canal or oral surgery case, you can benefit from
hooking up with your favorite dental news sources online.
at it this way…

Social Networking = Networking online, socially or professionally.
Social Media = News sources online.

Not a social networker? You can still take advantage of online news
stories  by hooking up with social media sources. In addition to
DentalBlogs, Dental Products Report, Dental Lab Products,
Dental Economics, DentalCompare,and many national and local
dental organizations post updates on Twitter and Facebook. As a “friend”
of DentalBlogs,you can log in as often as you like to our Facebook
account, and there, you’ll find the latest news from these and other
important sources in the dental industry.

Here are 5 great Reasons for Becoming a DentalBlogs Friend on

  1. You’re busy! Log in to www.facebook.com/dentalblogs any time for the
    latest dental news in one online location.
  2. Hook up! Ease in to social networking, if you want. You may see some
    of your old college pals, business associates, or networking
    acquaintances on our Facebook account. It’s easy to reconnect…but it’s
    not mandatory.
  3. More bang for your click! DentalBlogs posts one story per day on our
    main page, but at Facebook, we post links to hundreds of stories every
  4. Just what you want! On our Facebook account, you won’t have to
    funnel through personal posts to find the news. Instead, our page is set
    up so that you see only the news and related comments from our other
  5. Speak your mind! Simply add a comment to tell our Facebook friends
    what you think about a news story.

Facebook is free. All you have to do is sign up for your own page.
Once there, you can be as active or inactive as you like. When you have
time, you may want to add a photo, find friends, and share an update
about yourself.


Twitter is free. Like with Facebook, all you have to do is sign up.


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