You’ve got to accentuate the positive, extrapolate the obvious

The story you will be directed to by the hyperlink below is a game changer for most big box businesses and the customer experience…….NOW ask yourselves, how long will it be before Dentrix or Abel or PracticeWorks or Live DDM or whomever introduces tablet computers for your office that do scheduling et al from the tablet…….uhmember the days of the front deskless office, well, those days are in this writer’s opinion TRULY imminent. Ask the next sales rep who comes to your office, why they don’t have a tablet computer……..I’d be working with those companies that see the future and use social networking and technology to serve you, keep your costs down, use analytics to TRULY KNOW YOUR PRACTICE NEEDS and showing those that don’t the door………to the new world………

While you’re at it – check out – THEY NEED A CANADIAN DIVISION!

LG T-Mobile G Slate tablet computer

Image by nvidia.corporation via Flickr

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