A summary of interesting sites for our readers to browse (April 01, 2000)


If you are concerned about nutrition and physical fitness, PHYS provides handy tools and informative articles. Interactive and easy-to-use tools for managing your physical well-being.


Run by software experts willing to share their knowledge about the latest software discoveries, this site directs you to software that helps you with daily tasks.


This site helps you organize events but also tackles larger-scale meetings and includes tools for ticketing. This means you can use it for charity fund-raisers, reunions and conferences and you can contact your invitees via fax, letter, postcard or e-mail.


This online PIM (personal information manager) provides day planners, contact databases and alerts to public events of interest like book releases, movie premieres and sports events.


This site is nothing less than a streaming media portal, guiding you to all the best the Web has to offer in audio and video, including MP3 downloads. You’ll also find links to online radio stations.


Virtual healthcare is a click away at the Mayo Health Oasis. The site provides information straight from the professionals at the Mayo Clinic. The site archives its material and includes links to other major health organizations.

www.websitegarage. netscape.com

Drive your site into the Web Site Garage and see what the mechanic has to say about the way you’ve built it. You’ll get instant performance diagnostics, suggestions for tuning up your images for faster loading, and tools for counting your traffic.