Accolade Dental: The Sunny Side of Yorkville

by Accolade Dental

Accolade Dental As a Design firm, it is quite remarkable to run into a client that has the wherewithal and fortitude for bold decisions in the conception of a new practice.

From the very first meeting with Dr. Jack Slome, we at De Style Design knew, that the outcome of our collaboration on this project will be truly remarkable.

Accolade Dental

This bright new office is situated in the heart of Yorkville on the second storey of a brand new development. Following an intensive process of planning, the concept of this office is to create an environment with a sophisticated, cutting edge appeal to the discerning patients, while simultaneously showcasing the bright atmosphere that our client wanted.

Practice Design

Bold geometry and diagonal sight lines are accented by even bolder choice of color, while continuous recessed lighting serves as a visual cue to carry the eye into the practice. All hands were on deck with creating this unique and modern concept – blending the distinction between floor walls and ceiling, establishing a visual continuity and flow in the space.

Practice Design

Cutting edge solutions were applied to all Dental equipment – provided by Patterson Dental. High gloss floating dental cabinets with orange accents to match the theme of the office add to the feel of airiness and openness in the treatment rooms.

Although the final outcome is dynamic and contemporary in look, the colors create a dynamic and energetic environment – which is much needed in our northern climate.

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