Office Design: Old World Elegance Meets New Age Electronics

Design for dental offices today must offer more than efficient delivery systems, good traffic flow and well-placed support stations. The dental work environment must also encompass interiors with rich materials and textures, pleasant sight lines and a relaxing palette of colours. All of these elements influence the psychological impact on the dental client.

With these considerations in mind, Dr. George Asprakis and Dr. Adriana Danti of Windsor, ON, decided to design their office with a European flavor. Working with Jan Mok-Suitso of J.E.S. Design, Toronto, they created interior spaces reflecting the rich textures and contrasting colours of the Mediterranean. A circular two-tier fountain acts as the focal point in the waiting area… much like a ‘piazza’ in a European village. Directly above the fountain, recessed in soft cove lighting, a 19th century wrought iron medallion from France creates a point of interest in the high ceilings. The rustic colours and textures of the slate floor tiles contrast nicely with the muted yellow tones on the walls and the warm maple (laminate) wood flooring.

Gently curved, seven-foot-high partitions maintain the open, spacious feeling, even into the corridors and operatories. ‘Floating’ drywall ceilings with soft ‘cove’ lighting, give definition to the task areas within the operatory, yet still present a non-threatening feeling. Additional wrought iron accents have been used throughout the office, from the double doors in the vestibule, thru to the recessed niches in the corridor walls. Combined with the carefully selected botanical art, these elements ensure a pleasant, non-clinical experience for the dental client.

Digital radiography has been incorporated into the clinical areas, allowing clients to view x-rays and discuss treatment plans immediately. Casey, an interactive DVD educational system, has been networked throughout the office, assisting clients in determining their best plan of action. The Smile Channel offers further education in the waiting area, along with Nintendo for the children.

Working in tandem with J.E.S. Design, Russ Baker of London, ON, helped define the design direction and provided comprehensive site and project co-ordination for the construction. Matrix Contractors and Building Services Inc. constructed the office.

Drs. Asprakis and Danti both acquired their dental degrees in Michigan. They have used their past experiences to jointly create a dental work environment that responds to the needs and demands of a new generation of dental clients.