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Office Space: Gateway Pediatric Dentistry

October 2, 2020
by Gateway Pediatric Dentistry

Gateway Pediatric Dentistry’s clinic has been serving Edmonton in their existing clinic for over 12 years. The clinic was beginning to show signs of wear and in need of a space renovation to keep brand pace with their other two locations. The existing waiting area originally was heavy with wood finishes and purple and green colors. The existing infrastructure was maintained and subtle adjustments to the finishes were made to keep the clinic feeling familiar for the children while creating change.

Gateway Pediatric Dentistry


The reception desk transaction top remained as existing and the front face was finished with a soft aqua penny round tile to break up the heavy dark wood. The existing seating area was refinished with a white washed wood plank, locally sourced, to update the planters and seating base.

Gateway Pediatric Dentistry

The white washed plank was carried through the waiting area to continue the brightness and protect the walls with a natural wood wainscot. Above the wainscoting in the waiting area, a bright beach inspired graphic wave wallcovering was used to create visual impact. The lighting over the reception desk was swapped out for a beautiful natural wood light fixture to keep in theme with the day at the beach.

Gateway Pediatric Dentistry

The finishes utilised in the waiting area and reception were then carried into the back clinic area’s brush station. Sound acoustic panels in the shape of clouds were used to both support acoustic solutions and lower the ceiling height in areas where the building ceiling was naturally high and unwelcoming.

In the kids’ waiting areas, the use of magnetic wall paint in a striped fashion introduced colour, while still maintaining a functional community board for the clinic.

More importantly the existing fluorescent lighting in the clinic was replaced with LED lighting that properly adjusted the brightness of the clinic while still maintaining the warm light to best showcase the new space.

Interior Designer: Jennifer Buchanan Licensed Interior Design
General Contractor: GH Construction

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