Re: Viewpoint, November, 1999 Oral Health

I enjoyed reading the ‘viewpoint’ by Dr. Larry Pedlar in the November, 1999 issue of Oral Health. There is, however, one more question that Dr. Pedlar could have put forth to the profession.

When he indicates that Direct Reimbursement has been strongly endorsed by the ADA as the most cost effective way of providing assistance for patients, he raises the following questions: Where is the CDA? Where is the ODA? He could have also asked, Where are the licensing bodies?

Licensing bodies are mandated by government to protect the best interests of patients. In doing so, they must among other things, educate the public to the inherent values of dental health care and promote systems that increase accessibility to dental health care. It goes without saying that Direct Reimbursement does increase accessibility to dental health care. It is specifically for those individuals employed by small and medium-size businesses whose employers cannot afford to get involved with prepaid dental plans and insurance companies. Direct Reimbursement is the simple and affordable alternative.

Dr. Clyde Covit