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Movie reviews, clips, zine and lots to read including news and box office statistics. Features an excellent use of technology.

The Internet Movie Database is the best place to settle a movie bet. Here, you can find out which Planet of the Apes flicks starred Ricardo Montalban. Search its cornucopia of facts about more than 200,000 movies and television shows or bone up on bios and trivia about more than 400,000 actors.

At this site, you can click through 15 product categories and check the inventory of more than 2,000 online stores. The site arranges results by manufacturer or price and provides links to vendor pages.

Visually striking and comprehensive, this site covers everything from wardrobe etiquette to stain removal solutions.

This site includes a web video on how to dress business casual and frequently asked questions about suits, dress shirts, ties and accessories.

Produced by kids with braces, the site illustrates the whole process: the decision, the visit to the orthodontist, and what it’s like having braces. Visitors can read Madeline’s journal of her first three months with orthodontia or browse a list of celebrities who have had braces.