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Western Canada’s Largest Dental Conference, Vancouver, BC

February 1, 2007
by Oral Health

Bring your whole team — there’s new information for everyone!

With more than 9,500 participants expected, the Pacific Dental Conference is one of the largest dental conferences in North America! For 2007, we have grown the number of fabulous speakers and workshops, and expanded our number of meeting venues. We have also increased the floor area for more exhibitors and over 455 booths.


Important Date: March 10, 2007:

* Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry meeting

* Spectrum Pacific Techno-Clinical 3rd annual meeting

Pacific Dental Conference, Suite 305 – 1505 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6H 3Y4

Telephone: 604.736.3781

Email: info@pdconf.com


Speakers (at presstime)

Abrahamsen, Thomas

Adolfi, Dario

Alexander, David

Anthony, Bobbi

Arnold, Vanessa

Bagley, Tim

Bancroft, Barbara

Bartlett, David

Bauer, Rita

Beck, Jim

Berg, Joel

Blesch, Al

Botbyl, Dani

Brave, Dennis

Carter, Judy

Castagna, Debbie

Caton, Jack

Chernoff, Sandy

Chin, Mae

Christensen, Gordon

Christopher, Bruce

Clark, David B.

Colonna, Mark

Danielsen, Bo

College of Dental Surgeons of BC

Devigus, Alessandro

DiAngelis, Anthony

Donatelli, Herman

Dumore, Tim

Edwards, Frank

Ehlert, Jackie

Academy of Emergency Training

Faigan, Steven

Fischer, Dan

Freedman, George

Freeman, Marsha

Friedman, Mark

Galler, Cary

Gambardella, Ellen

Gerlach, Robert

Glass, Richard Thomas

Glazer, Howard

Goldstep, Fay

Golub, Lorne

Goulding, Marilyn

Govoni, Mary

Grisdale, Jim

Hamin, Ken

Hanson, Daniel

Hawkins, Mel

Hiltz, William

Hister, Art

House, Ron

Hussein, Mohamed

College of Dental Hygienists of BC

Johnson, Rita

Kaukinen, Jamie

Koch, Kenneth

Kugel, Gerard

Langlais, Robert

Legge, Peter

Leziy, Sonia

Lowe, Alan

Malcmacher, Louis

Manley, Michael T.

Margeas, Bob

Massad, Joseph

McManama, John Carl

Mechanic, Elliot

Miller, Brahm

Moore, Virginia

Mopper, K. William “Buddy”

Mowatt, Jeff

Muse, John

Neuman, Ken

Nimchuk, Dennis

O’Hanlan, Kate

O’Hehir, Trisha

Odiatu, Kary

Odiatu, Uche

Osborne, John

Osuna, Tricia

Pace, Shannon

Pensak, Tony

Philp, Lisa

Racich, Michael

Radz, Gary

Ruddle, Cliff

Scappatura, Chris

Schiff, Thomas

Scrase, Patty

Serio, Francis

Serota, Ken

Shah, Paresh

Smukowski, Gwen

Soileau, Tony

Soll, Jordan

Stempf, Christian

Supeene, Lisa

Svirsky, John

Traines, Barbara

Tyndall, Donald

Unthank, Michael

van As, Glenn

van Dyk, William

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