DEXIS™ Delivers on Its Vision for Digital Practice Efficiencies


An Interview with Michelle Cabral, Director of Marketing at DEXIS.

Q: DEXIS has long been recognized for developing sensor technology. Why did you decide to extend the DEXIS brand across your entire portfolio?

You’re absolutely right. The DEXIS legacy was built on our innovations around dental imaging, specifically with our sensors which are highly trusted by practices around the world. In fact, the DEXIS name had become synonymous with quality sensors, but we go well beyond sensors to provide practices with a broad portfolio of solutions for their complete digital workflow.

So, for instance, to capture exceptional images and boost diagnostic confidence, we have our DEXIS™ Titanium and DEXIS™ IXS™ intraoral sensors, and now our new DEXIS IS intraoral scanner solutions. We also offer our NOMAD Pro 2 Handheld X-ray system, our Orthopantomagraph™ OP  3D digital X-ray, and our i-CAT™ FLX V-series with CBCT technology. We cover the complete gamut of 2D, 3D, X-ray and clinical images that provide practices with extraordinary visibility of their patients’ anatomies from every angle.

Then we bring it all together for efficient diagnosis and treatment planning with our DTX Studio™ suite of software, including our award-winning DTX Studio Clinic which allows practitioners to access and view all the images captured by DEXIS products — as well as others — in one platform, on one screen. No more switching back and forth between programs, computers and operatories.

Our open ecosystem means that DTX Studio suite also integrates with other systems that allow for navigated surgery and 3D printing of appliances. This allows practices to expand their offerings and treat more patients — diagnosing, treating and performing procedures and printing appliances in fewer appointments.

So yes, we’ve been known for sensors. But we’re excited for practices to get to know the DEXIS brand for our full range of solutions for every point of their digital workflow.

Q: What is the vision of DEXIS?

Well, it goes back to my first answer. The DEXIS vision puts us — and our clients — at the forefront of digital dentistry. We believe that is truly where dentistry is headed — away from analog images and systems and toward the efficiencies, accuracies, and intelligent features of digital technologies across the workflow.

Our focus is to help dental professionals complete this transition to a digital practice so that they can leverage the benefits of digital imaging technologies to improve patient outcomes while also growing their practice. We do that not only with a complete ecosystem of digital solutions, but with ongoing education, training, and support for practices to help them maximize their digital investments.

Q: You mentioned your new DEXIS IS intraoral scanners. Why have you added these systems to the DEXIS portfolio?

 Our DEXIS IS intraoral scanners round out our imaging offerings, complement our other systems, and help drive practice efficiencies even further. The DEXIS IS scanners combine the mobility of our NOMAD Pro 2 handheld X-ray devices with the extraordinary image quality and detail of our sensors and 3D solutions.

With our ultra-light DEXIS IS 3800W wireless scanner, in particular, practices no longer have to be constrained by cables. Practitioners can use the scanner freely from operatory to operatory, and know they have one hour of continuous scanning performance. In as little as 25 seconds*, the practitioner can scan a single arch and capture even the smallest details in hard-to-see places. So, it offers that combination of exceptional images, efficiency and reliable performance that are all integral to the DEXIS brand.

For even more mobility and efficiency, DEXIS IS scanners work with our new DEXIS IS Voyager carts for an all-in-one computer-plus-scan solution that goes wherever it’s needed. Practitioners can roll it from room to room, and up right next to the patient’s chair to scan and view images — without having to touch a keyboard, which helps reduce the risk of cross contamination. This ability to focus more time on patient care is also a key part of the DEXIS mission.

Q: What makes DEXIS unique as a dental brand?

I would say our biggest differentiators are our portfolio of products, but also our commitment and dedication to the dental community. I have not seen many other dental companies— if any — that not only offer the breadth of products and technologies we do for intraoral, 2D, 3D, X-ray and clinical imaging, but also the software that bring them all together.

DTX Studio suite is truly a game changer for practices. With the ability to automate image importing and exporting, sorting, organizing, and orienting all images on one screen, DTX Studio software has transformed diagnosis and treatment planning. Doctors can show their patients exactly what the issue is right on the screen, right by their patient’s chair, and explain what treatment is needed and why. This helps patients feel more empowered and involved in their care and improves compliance — which in turn may improve outcomes. DTX Studio suite works with just about any other company’s systems as well, so DEXIS is all about giving dental professionals the freedom to practice their way.

The other area where I think DEXIS differentiates is in our level of commitment to the dental community. We actively seek the input and feedback of dental professionals and use this to drive our technology innovation. It’s very much a reciprocal partnership, because we actively provide dental professionals with access to a wealth of knowledge, learning and training resources and programs to support their success, growth, and patient outcomes. Our service level agreements and protection plans are added value to your investment as well.

We’re excited about the future of digital dentistry, and excited about collaborating with dental professionals to make this future a reality so that we can continue to transform patient smiles and improve patient lives.


*Internal in vivo test of the IS 3800W with CPU mode and recommended computer system configuration.