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May 29, 2020 News News

Ontario’s Strict Rules for Reopening Dental Clinics Differ From Other Provinces

by CTV News

Reopening Canada’s economy means many businesses will finally be able to bring in some much-needed cash flow. But for dentists in Ontario, reopening their clinics means fulfilling a long list of expensive safety requirements that could be challenging to meet.

May 28, 2020 News News

Dentists Asking Patients for Patience as They Tackle Backlog

by CBC News

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, dentists in Ontario have only been permitted to treat emergencies. Even a gnawing toothache wouldn’t get you in, unless the pain was uncontrollable with over-the-counter drugs. But restrictions are starting to lift, and dentists

May 15, 2020 News News

Digital Screenings, PPE and No Waiting Rooms — How COVID-19 is Changing Dentistry

by Rachael D'Amore, MSN

Dentistry clinics, like many businesses, shut down operations in mid-March when the coronavirus pandemic took hold of Canada. Two months later, they are wrestling with how to reopen and stay safe — Natalie Archer included. “It’s going to be a gamechanger for dentistry,”

May 8, 2019 News News

Ontario Dentists Playing Bigger Role in Oral Cancer Detection: U of T Study

by U of T News

After examining data gathered in a first-of-its-kind provincial study, University of Toronto clinician-scientist Marco Magalhaes has a vital message to convey: Dentists in Ontario are detecting more cases of oral cancer and pre-cancer than ever before – and it’s saving lives. The study,

December 18, 2018 News News

Ontario’s Dental Watchdog Bares Sharp Teeth Against Critics

by Robert Cribb and Kenyon Wallace, Toronto Star

Describing a toxic work environment fuelled by bullying and favouritism, more than two dozen current and former staff and executives of the province’s dental regulator have been waging a quiet war against their leadership. In response, lawyers for the Royal

February 12, 2018 News Oral Health

Dentist says Ontario Needs to Contribute More to Healthy Smiles Program

by CBC News

Dentists absorbing almost half of service costs for poor kids under provincial program, says Sudbury dentist A Sudbury dentist says Ontario needs to cough-up more for its Healthy Smiles dental program. The provincial government enacted the program for low-income kids almost