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June 1, 2019 News News

Study Finds 81% of Dental Antibiotic Prescribing Not Needed

by Chris Dail, CIDRAP News

A new analysis of antibiotics prescribed before dental procedures has found that 80.9% are unnecessary, with most prescriptions being written for patients who don’t require them. The study, published today in JAMA Network Open,found that antibiotic prophylaxis was prescribed in more

December 4, 2018 News News

Study: Dental Painkillers May Put Young People at Risk of Opioid Addiction

by Ronnie Cohen, The Washington Post

Dentists who prescribe opioid painkillers to teenagers and young adults after pulling their wisdom teeth may be putting their patients at risk of addiction, a new study finds. The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine Monday, shines a light on the

September 14, 2018 News News

Antibiotics Destroy Immune Cells and Worsen Oral Infection, Says Study

by Case Western Reserve University, Medical Xpress

New research shows that the body’s own microbes are effective in maintaining immune cells and killing certain oral infections. A team of Case Western Reserve University researchers found that antibiotics actually kill the “good” bacteria keeping infection and inflammation at

September 13, 2018 News News

Dentists Prescribing Too Many Antibiotics, Says BCCDC

by Liam Britten, CBC News

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control says dentists are prescribing too many antibiotics — and it wants patients to help solve that problem. A new poster campaign launched  by the BCCDC and the B.C. Dental Association is asking people to

July 19, 2018 News News

Pain Meds for Dental Work May Have Affected Cory Monteith’s Sobriety

by CTV Vancouver

Editor’s Note: This isn’t the type of news we would normally share on our website, but with the recent opioid crisis it’s an interesting case to look at. The star’s mother is suggesting medication prescribed after a dental procedure triggered

April 5, 2018 News News

Dental Office Raided for Prescription Drug Fraud Suspicion

by Jack Queen, Summit Daily

Police and federal agents raided a Silverthorne dentist’s office late last week on suspicion of prescription drug fraud, seizing hundreds of documents and interviewing several employees, the Silverthorne Police Department confirmed Tuesday. The search, conducted at Comfort Dental on Blue