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March 13, 2020 News NewsOral Health

Introducing CPAC’s New RH-Pro9 Medium-Capacity Sterilizer

by CPAC Equipment, Inc.

CPAC’s RapidHeat™ family of waterless tabletop sterilizers have been expanded with the introduction of the RH-Pro9 Medium-Capacity tabletop sterilizer. With a smaller tabletop footprint, the RH-Pro9 produces the same high-level sterilization that is expected from using FDA Cleared “High-Velocity Hot

January 9, 2019 News Dental ProductNews

High-Capacity RapidHeat Tabletop Sterilizer Now Available

by CPAC Equipment

After a period of lengthy development, CPAC Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce the February 2019 rollout of their new RapidHeat™ Pro11 High-Capacity Tabletop Sterilizer. With over 700% (7 times) more capacity than its COX RapidHeat™ predecessor, the Pro11 has

November 30, 2017 Product Spotlight

CPAC Announces New High-Capacity RapidHeat Sterilizer

by CPAC Equipment, Inc.

CPAC Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce the January 2018 roll-out of their new RapidHeat Pro11 High-Capacity Table-Top Sterilizer. Advanced engineering enables the Pro11 to compete with the industry’s popular table-top steam sterilizers with 50% more capacity. The Pro11 uses

September 13, 2017 Product Spotlight

Sterilizer Provides “Waterless” Rapid Cycles Unlike


Unlike steam sterilizers, COX RapidHeat™ Sterilizers are unique in that they rely on rapid air flow in a highly controlled heated environment to sterilize instruments in as little as 6 minutes for unwrapped instruments and 12 minutes for wrapped or