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February 28, 2019 News News

Man’s Nose Was Stuffy Because He Had a Tooth Growing In It

by Leslie Young, Global News

A 59-year-old man just couldn’t unblock his nose, and there was a good reason why. The Danish man had suffered through nasal congestion and discharge for two years and was referred to a specialist, according to a report in the

September 24, 2018 News News

Research Study Finds Sweet Flavors in E-cigarette Liquids May Increase Risk of Dental Cavities

by ADA Foundation

A new research study has determined that vaping sweet e-cigarettes can increase the risk of dental cavities. The study investigated changes in cariogenic potential when tooth surfaces were exposed to certain e-cigarette aerosols in a controlled environment. The combination of

March 26, 2018 News News

Tooth Sensor Tracks User’s Diets, Chemical Intake

by Mario L. Major, Interesting Engineering

A new sensor has been developed that can track what you are eating — and no, it doesn’t involve surveillance, intelligence operatives or robots. The tiny sensors, which measure only 2 mm by 2mm, were created by a team of researchers

November 15, 2016 News NewsOral Health

Dental Detectives Use Single Tooth Fossil to Identify New Species

by GrrlScientist, Forbes

Paleontologists study evolution by examining as many fossils as they can unearth. These fossils are removed from rock or sediments, scraped clean and sorted based on similarities in appearance to each other and to other fossils. One of the most