Dentistry Students Drill Down the Most for Tuition Fees in Canada

Domestic students in Canada pursuing a degree in dentistry pay on average the highest undergraduate tuition fees, while future teachers pay the lowest.

According to Statistics Canada, fees for aspiring dentists average out at $22,731 for 2021-22, tops among 19 surveyed fields of study. Education students pay the least at $4,947. According to the figures, domestic students enrolled full-time in undergraduate programs will pay $6,693 on average for the upcoming academic year, up 1.7 per cent from the previous year.

Figures show Canadian undergraduate students in six professional degree programs paid the highest average annual tuition fees. Following dentistry at number one were medicine ($14,604), veterinary medicine ($14,374), law ($12,910), pharmacy ($11,373) and optometry ($10,735).

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