Dead Stuck Shines Light on Richard Mounce

Dead Stuck, a non-fiction book by Richard Mounce, DDS, boisterously describes how being a root canal specialist (endodontist) has provided the author unique opportunities and challenges in marital and parental relationships, how he once wore girl repellent, his addiction to world football, how he diverted flights with fire on the wing, and the mortal danger he encountered while cave diving.

Part adventure story collection, travelogue, and semi-autobiographical personal memoir, Dr. Mounce says of Dead Stuck: “I wrote it to speak my truth on a number of subjects without hiding behind politically correct clichés and platitudes …my hope is that sharing the contents of Dead Stuck will resonate with those who can see themselves in some part of its varied subject matter.”

Speaking of the book, Dr. Gary Glassman of Toronto, Canada, writes, “I was completely enthralled and riveted to every word you wrote. The metaphors were clear … so clear that it has inspired me to look clearly at my life and to examine it more thoroughly and directly.” Dr. John Weever of Dublin, Ireland, discussed the book’s originality and candor: “… no one has attempted to address the issues you mention in your book, the life challenges personal and professional … You took them on headfirst … It’s a great read. I laughed a lot.”

Dr. Mounce is a highly sought after opinion leader in the field of endodontics globally based in Vancouver, Washington.

Available through and Nov. 6, 2009.