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A decade later, Jason Jones still smiling thanks to generosity of Toronto Star readers

October 30, 2017
by The Toronto Star

His teeth rotted down to the bone, Jason Jones turned his life around when he got free dental work from a Markham dentist after his story appeared in the Star in 2007 as part of a series that examined issues of poverty and possible reforms. Yet a decade later, the fight for dental care for low-income adults rages on.

The first thing you notice about Jason Jones are his teeth. They radiate.

“I keep hearing, ‘You’ve got a gorgeous smile.’ Well, thank you, it’s totally fake, but thank you,” he says with a mischievous grin. “They’re all fake. All of them. Every single one.”

The admission, says Jones, almost always leads to the inevitable question for a 36-year-old with fake choppers.

What happened?

“Have you got 10 minutes? This will take a while.”

Toronto Star readers first met Jones in 2007 as part of a Star series that examined the issues surrounding poverty and possible reforms.

In a photo that dominated a Saturday front page, a smiling Jones stared out at the world, a bright-eyed, handsome man brimming with hope, except for one glaring, arresting detail.

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