This was Discus’ 10th Annual Extravaganza and the first time Oral Health attended this event, which had a very impressive turnout of over 3,000.

The attendees enjoyed a variety of great speakers, both dental and non-dental, in the lovely environs of The Venetian Hotel, in Las Vegas.

The morning keynote speakers were diverse and entertaining, beginning with the actor, Sean Astin, who shared insights on growing up in Hollywood and being part of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The Saturday session, featuring “Dr. Phil”, had the capacity crowd laughing, cheering and listening intently to his message of “get going and get real”. Dr. Phil challenged us all to be passionate about our personal and professional lives. Sunday’s speaker, Jeanne Robertson, was a humourous hit, sharing her experiences as Miss North Carolina (1963), a Miss America competitor and life now as one of North America’s most popular professional speakers.

There were a number of great speakers and sessions to choose from each day, including (among others): Doctors Newton Fahl; Paul Homoly; Mark Hyman; Derric Desmarteau; Bill Dickerson; Ron Jackson; Mike Dolby; Sherri Worth; Gary Radz and Bill Dorfman. There were also excellent speakers on the Hygiene side, including: Tricia Osuna; Kristy Menage Bernie; Betsy Reynolds and Annette Linder.

There were good opportunities to network on the Exhibit floor, where meals and snacks were served and then at the Saturday night “Blowout Bash”, featuring the comedy performance of Carrot Top and the dance music of Boogie Knights.

Discus was enthusiastically promoting next year’s Extravaganza, taking place May 26-28, 2006 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

To register, or for more details, call 1-800-278-8282 (in Canada) or visit www.lasvegasextravaganza.com