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November 18, 2021
by Gabrielle Bauer

The Aeras platform takes connectivity up a notch, without sacrificing simplicity

When you’re considering a new piece of equipment or software platform, consider asking yourself these two questions: Will it simplify my life? Will it give me peace of mind? The best technological advances achieve both.

“If a technology makes your life more complicated, it’s not serving its purpose,” says Beth Jones, a senior product manager with DENTALEZ®, a dental manufacturing company based in Malvern, Pa. The 2020 launch of the Aeras® platform, which collects actionable data and streamlines maintenance for back-office equipment, has put DENTALEZ on the smart-tech map. “Aeras exists for two simple reasons,” says Jones. “To minimize unplanned practice disruptions and better protect your investment.”

Nipping problems in the bud

When something goes wrong with your vacuum or compressor, “it has a major impact because the office cannot run,” says Jones. The costs quickly add up: a single day of downtime can erode your revenue by upwards of $3,000¹—plus the cost of fixing the problem! Mechanical problems that interrupt service also increase the risk of patient attrition, putting a further dent into your practice’s future earnings.²

DENTALEZ’s Aeras compressors and vacuums sidestep such interruptions, by sharing diagnostic data, heading off problems before it leads to an equipment failure. If a problem does arise, you’ll be the first to know. “It’s the only platform where both the customer and the service provider have access to the data and notifications,” says Jones, adding that “information can easily be accessed with any web browser on a connected device – so no special apps to install or software to manage.” And should an equipment problem arise, your service provider, “will get real-time notification of the problem area and better help you get back up and running ASAP.”

Amy Ridall, a Houston-based dentist and Aeras user, lived through this scenario when her compressor failed to start one morning. “One quick phone call with a tech, who diagnosed the problem remotely, was all that was needed,” Ridall recalls. “Instead of a morning of cancelling patients and waiting for a service technician, we were up and running in five minutes.” Aeras is the only utility solution that enables remote equipment diagnostic and control, which allows service providers to resolve several routine issues through the Aeras cloud dashboard without an office visit.

An ounce of prevention

Utility-room equipment such as vacuums and compressors are a lot like teeth: by maintaining them, you prevent problems down the line. To this end, “Aeras sends automatic text or email notifications to remind you when maintenance is due, so you don’t forget,” says Jones. Optimal functioning also depends on ambient temperature and smooth delivery of electrical power, and Aeras takes the guesswork out of these variables. “If the temperature in the utility room is too high, you will receive a message advising to ventilate the room.”

Aeras doesn’t just tell you what to do; it responds to your instructions. For example, you can program the equipment to turn on and off on a set schedule, enabling you to reduce electrical consumption without worrying about flicking the switch off at the end of the day. Ridall has found this feature especially handy during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I was able to schedule the compressor to turn on and off, as recommended, without having to leave my home,” she says.

But the biggest payoff, says Jones, lies in the peace of mind afforded by the system. “When what you care about is protected, you can sleep well at night.”

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