ABELSoft Corporation and Eastman Kodak Company Alliance

ABELSoft chooses KODAK digital technology for integration with Canadian practice management software.

Responding to Canadian demand for high quality digital imaging solutions, ABELSoft Corporation will now integrate KODAK Digital Imaging Systems with its ABELDENT Dental Practice Management Software.

The agreement gives Canadian dental professionals a compelling new option in digital imaging and practice management solutions: Kodak’s quality imaging technology integrated with the country’s leading practice management software.

The agreement will also result in improved functionality:

– Dental professionals will be able to download images captured on KODAK digital imaging systems into their ABELDENT software with a simple mouse-click;

– Digital radiographs and photographs will be automatically incorporated into ABELDENT software patient records;

– Dental practices using KODAK digital imaging systems will not need “bridge” software or systems integration experience to take full advantage of ABELDENT software’s robust practice management functionality.

For more information on the new alliance between KODAK and ABELSoft, contact Kodak at 1-800-944-6365 or visit KODAK’s Dental Systems Group website at www.kodak.com/dental or contact ABELSoft at 1-800-267-ABEL or visit their website at www.ABELSoft.com.