Pacific Dental Conference Update

Pacific Dental Conference
March 68, 2008
Vancouver, BC Canada

Plan ahead to be part of the Pacific Dental Conference, the largest dental meeting in the Pacific Northwest! You dont want to miss this event.

For 2008, PDC will have over 160 top-quality conference sessions and workshops at a variety of venues, allowing you greater ?exibility to plan your meeting experience and have an opportunity to spend quality time in our expanded exhibit hall with over 500 booths representing the latest innovations in dentistry.

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Power Within – Line up of motivational and inspiring speakers.
Special seating at GM Place, Wednesday, March 5th.
Special Pacific Dental Conference ticket price $159.00
Invisalign Certification I and II courses
Invisalign is an aesthetic orthodontic treatment used to treat malocclusions.
Associated Meetings
The Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry
Spectrum Pacific Techno-Clinical Day
Alumni Meetings
Dental schools from across Canada

Open information sessions for Invisalign will take place on Thursday , March 6th, or on Friday, March 7th. The presentations are designed to introduce dentists and staff to Invisalign techniques. Discover how to create significant regeneration of an existing patient base while attracting new patients to the practice.
Limited attendance courses for Certification 1 and 2 will be offered on Saturday, March 8th , 8:00am12:00pm continuing 1:00pm5:00pm
Certification 1 is a one day course designed specifically for the general practitioner and staff that wishes to incorporate Invisalign into their practice, or simply learn more about this orthodontic technique. Invisalign is an aesthetic orthodontic technique that corrects malocclusion using a series of custom-made, nearly invisible, removable aligners. Cost: $1,695.00
Certification 2 is a lecture and workshop for Invisalign Certified GPs. Advanced topics and techniques using Invisalign are discussed to help doctors effectively select and treat more complex malocclusions. We recommend that participants have experience submitting and finishing Invisalign cases prior to attending Certification II.
Cost: $350.00

Robert Hicks Memorial Lecture – Adhesive Dentistry 2K8
John Kanca, DMD
This course will cover the most important aspects of adhesive dentistry for performing all types of bonding procedures. Also discussed will be the sealing of crown preparations in an effort to end sensitivity. There will be an overview of current ceramics, how to bond ceramic and how to repair them.
John Kancas work has revolutionized the field of adhesive dentistry. He is a Founding Member and Past President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a Fellow of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. An internationally reknowned speaker, Dr. Kanca also maintains a private practice in Middlebury, CT, which emphasizes cosmetic dentistry.
Sponsored in part by Sure Dental Innovations

Lessons Learned from High Profile Cases
Henry Lee, PhD
High-profile cases generate considerable media and public interest. This session is intended to inform participants about the problems, pitfalls and the significant role forensic Dentistry plays in the investigation of high-profile cases.
Henry C. Lee is one of the worlds foremost forensic scientists. His work has made him a landmark in modern-day criminal investigations. He has been a prominent player in many of the most challenging cases of the last 45 years. From the OJ Simpson trial to the Jon-Benet murder investigation, Dr. Lee has worked with law enforcement agencies in helping to solve more than 8000 cases.

A Practical Approach To Oral Surgery
For The General Dentist
Larry Gaum, DDS, FADSA, FICD
This course is for the GPs who wish to perform their own surgery and teaches procedures of the Bread and Butter variety such as Surgical removal of ALL impacted 3rd molars, roots, cysts, tumors, hyperplastic tissue, Tori, Exposure of cuspids, Frenectomies, I&D, ART mandibular Block and much more.
Larry Gaum is an oral surgeon who maintains a practice in Toronto, ON. He practiced general dentistry 5 years before taking his training in anesthesia/oral surgery. A former Associate in Dentistry at the University of Toronto, Dr. Gaum has lectured extensively in Canada, USA and Europe.
Co-Sponsored by Hansamed Limited

Optimizing CEREC Dentistry Through Biometrics
Raymond Becker, DDS
Raymond Becker has purposefully remained independent as an instructor, this provides an unbiased perspective in his work and material. By practicing full time, his unique material, protocols, and solutions have a strong resonance and understanding with real world issues facing practicing dentists.
Raymond Becker is internationally renowned as a pioneer, innovator, and integrator of advanced technologies in dentistry. His focus is on comprehensive, reconstructive, and esthetic dentistry. While Dr. Beckers delivery is centered on complex and demanding cases, his protocol allows for successful diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of every patient within the practice.

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