Results from the DIAC “Future of Dentistry” Survey

Technology Changing the Face of Dental Education

Toronto ” August 8, 2007 ” Dentists are embracing new methods of obtaining dental information, according to results from the DIAC (Dental Industry Association of Canada) Eleventh Annual Future of Dentistry Survey. This continues the dramatic increase in the use of computerization and the Internet in the dentists daily practice of dentistry since 2001 (the first year these factors were tracked by the Survey).

In keeping with previously reported increases in general Internet usage as a major source for dental information (over 90% of all survey respondents are using it for this purpose), dentists are now expanding their scope into specific new online options for dental education. In 2007, 11% of respondents report participating in online Discussion Groups (with a further 25% planning to participate within the next year). An additional 9% report taking part in webcast presentations (with another 30% intending to in the next year).

Over 1000 practicing Canadian dentists responded to this years survey (similar to the response achieved over each of the previous nine years) with a good proportional distribution across all regions of the country. Based on this response rate, overall 2007 survey results have an accuracy of +/- 3.1% 19 times out of 20.