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A $4 Billion Shot in the Arm for the Dental Industry NuCalm® Relaxation System Transforms Dental Visits from Stressful to Relaxing Introducing the “Million Patient Challenge’’

March 22, 2016
by NuCalm

Did you know:

  • 60 million Americans avoid dental visits due to anxiety and fear.
  • 82% of patients who keep their dental appointments have anxiety.
  • Most people aren’t aware of possible life-threatening consequences of neglected oral hygiene.

NuCalmCreators of the patented NuCalm® relaxation system intend to make dental fear a thing of the past. “Perhaps no invention has held the promise of such a profound potential impact for the dental industry since the first use of lidocaine as a dental anesthetic in 1943,” says James M. Poole, CEO and President of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., of Wilmington, Delaware, makers of NuCalm.

Already successfully used across five continents by over 500,000 patients, NuCalm (www.nucalm.com) is gaining a loyal following thanks to revolutionary technology that naturally relaxes the body without drugs. NuCalm improves the patient experience within minutes with an all-natural, side-effect free, cost-effective, and easy to administer protocol. The four-step system, which can be viewed at www.nucalm.com, has been perfected since its creation by a neuroscientist in 2002. NuCalm received the world’s first and only patent in 2015 for systems and methods for balancing and maintaining the health of the human autonomic nervous system (Patent number 9079030).

NuCalm’s four steps include nutrients to counteract adrenalin; microcurrent stimulation; proprietary neuroacoustic software; and an eye mask.

Million Patient Challenge

“We are inviting dentists across the globe to take on the ‘Million Patient Challenge,’” says Poole. “Our goal is to attract as many dentists as possible to become Most Valuable Practitioners (MVP’s), using NuCalm to erase dental fear and build a following of stress-free patients (Most Valuable Patients).”

Helping the Dentist’s Bottom Line – and Outcomes!

NuCalm dentists are also dramatically increasing their bottom lines. Poole says dentists who have introduced NuCalm have improved the clinical experience for patients with a 95% satisfaction rate. They also have improved their business, not only due to the fee to administer NuCalm, but also thanks to fewer cancelled appointments, faster appointments, increased traffic due to word-of-mouth referrals from happy patients, and by beating the competition with the most advanced techniques and technology. Related factors represent an added major boon that can add tens of thousands of dollars in newfound production.

Beyond the financial advantages, NuCalm dental practices report improved clinical outcomes with more relaxed patients: less muscle tension, tongue movement, salivary flow, and reduced gag reflex. Dentists use less local anesthesia because the patient’s are not metabolizing it as fast. Patients experience improved healing and pain management, and may leave immediately after their procedure, freeing up chairs faster for the next appointment. There are no side effects, no rides needed to and from an appointment.

Poole says, “Our Most Valuable Practitioners are on the front lines as we march toward our goal of one million Most Valuable Patients one year from now.” He says 98% of NuCalm patients would recommend it to their family and friends. “We’re getting the best word of mouth advertising, literally,” Poole says.

Dr. Michael Yamada of San Diego says, “We have many high fear patients. With NuCalm we usually use less medication if doing sedation and often use it instead of conscious sedation. Hygienists love it for apprehensive or fidgety patients. My husband uses NuCalm to help him sleep through the night.”

One patient told her dentist, “Absolutely awesome! I’m sold and can’t imagine another appointment without NuCalm.”

A world-renowned expert on nervous system balance and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Dr. Chung-Kang Peng, Co-Director of the Rey Institute for Nonlinear Dynamics at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, conducted extensive research on NuCalm. He wrote, “From our preliminary study of a small group of volunteers using NuCalm, we observed that these subjects experience a rapid decrease in heart rate and respiration rate while exhibiting an increase in vagal tone… consistent with deep meditation…”

Poole reports, “We have also been helping professional sports teams, corporate executives, pilots, cancer patients, and medical doctors better manage stress and improve performance. Like a tidal wave, dentists have started calling us so they won’t be left behind.”

For more information, visit www.nucalm.com , or contact David Poole, Executive Vice President, Marketing: / 617-259-0877 / david.poole@nucalm.com / 1-877-6NuCalm.

About Solace Lifesciences, Inc.
Founded in 2002, Solace Lifesciences, Inc., is a privately-held Wilmington, Delaware-based company.

Solace Lifesciences develops all-natural neuroscience technologies used to lower stress and improve sleep quality. NuCalm®, our flagship product, is an all-natural stress intervention system that rapidly and reliably interrupts the stress response at the midbrain and guides people to a deeply relaxed state. This technology is drug-free, non-invasive, and quickly “flips the switch” from acute stress and alarm to deep relaxation within minutes, allowing the body to idle in its optimal healing state.

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