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A HANSAmed Exclusive : Omnia Mechanical Irrigation Systems

June 23, 2015
by HANSAmed Ltd.

Mechanical Irrigation Systems

Omnia offers a wide range of mechanical irrigation lines for the majority of physiodispensers available on the market. Irrigation systems are supplied with a perforator, a roller for flow control, fittings and an integrated peristaltic pump section. Omnia mechanical irrigation systems offer the following options:

  1. single internal irrigation
  2. single external irrigation
  3. double internal and external irrigation

Each mechanical irrigation set is packed in a sterile medical blister package that contains 10 single-use pieces.

Main features of irrigation lines are the following:

  • Perforator with air filter
  • Roller to adjust the flow
  • Pump section in medical grade silicon
  • Total length of the line, from peristaltic pump to handpiece, 230 cm
  • Final tip in soft PVC

To place a product order and additional information please contact us at: HANSAmed Limited Mississauga, ON L5N 8G4 Toll Free Telephone: 1-800-363-2876 | www.hansamed.net.


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