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Cadent iTero & Straumann CADCAM Integrated Digital Restorative Workflow, at the 2010 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting.

March 23, 2010
by Straumann

Straumann launches digital solutions platform connecting dental professionals across disciplines

– Broad array of integrated leading-edge technologies encompassing 3D treatment-planning, intra-oral imaging and advanced CADCAM prothestics
– Straumanns computer-guided implant surgery system available shorthly in North America
– New data exchange feature links CADENT iTero intraoral scanning system with Straumann CADCAM
– New CADCAM products and features, including new scanner

Under the new umbrella brand of Straumann Digital Solutions, the company now offers state-of-the-art computer-guided surgery, intra-oral scanning, and CADCAM prosthetics to specialists, general dentists and dental laboratories in various markets around the world.

The iTero Digital Impression System allows precisley complteted preparations for single-unit cases as well as more comprehensive restorative and cosmetic full arch treatment plans.

Digital restorative design with Straumann CAD and iTero Lab Software allows the dental technician to digitally mark the model margins, ditch the die, and then design a coping framework, or full contour restoration. Seamless and simple one-click integration is designed to ensure accurate data transfer.

iTero models are precisely milled from polyurethane. The occlusal relation is scanned intra-orally and efficiently transferred to the iTero articulator, Whip Mix Denar articulator, Ivocar Stratos articulator, or Panadent PSH/PCH articulators.

The cutting-edge technonogy at the Straumann CADCAM centralized production center turns the CAD designs into frameworks and full contour restorations for crown and bridge prosthetics.

A range of high quality materials to meet your needs:
– Zerion (zirconium dioxide)
– IPS e.max CAD restorations by Straumann CADCAM
– Ticon (titanium)

CONPLETION BY A QUALIFIED iTERO and Straumann Laboratory

Technicians receive the iTero models and Straumann frameworks for finishing and esthetic contouring. Laboratories can utilize traditional glass ceramics, pressable ceramics, or stain/glaze techniques to optimize the completedprothetics.


What is your time worth?
* Less time in seating appointment
* Less time for framework try-ins
* Fewer visits from the patients
* Greater accuracy


The Integrated CADCAM Soultion:
Your need are Chagning:
* Integrated with iTero Digital Impression Technology
* Confidence in the qaulity of precision of Straumann CADCAM restoratives


Jeremy Wiggett
Email: jeremy.wiggett@straumann.com

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