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Cleankeys expands industry leading product line

April 29, 2013
by Oral Health Group

New generation cleanable keyboard sets standard for infection control

Following the results of a new study showing a staggering 58% of computer keyboards used in hospitals are contaminated with harmful bacteria, Cleankeys Inc. announces its latest product aimed at solving that problem: the third generation CK3-15x cleanable keyboard.

The new CK3-15x is wireless and uses industrial-strength Corning® Gorilla® Glass for improved durability and touch sensitivity. It incorporates patented Touch-Tap™ technology for ease of use, making it the most technologically advanced solid-surface keyboard available today. Another innovation is the dual-use numpad whose surface also doubles as a large touchpad, compressing the size of the keyboard’s footprint without compromising functionality.

The CK3-15x uses CleanSweep™ monitoring software (announced earlier), which detects the thoroughness of keyboard cleaning and alerts users with a “clean gauge” that moves from clean to dirty based on keyboard use. It also incorporates cloud computing that allows infection control professionals to monitor all CK3-15x keyboards from anywhere in their facility’s network. Reminders, alerts, tracking, and reports can be customized according to each institution’s policies.

Cleankeys CEO Randy Marsden comments: “Our new wireless keyboard and monitoring software helps increase compliance to infection control guidelines. Today’s launch marks the successful outcome of years of engineering, and the start of a safer environment for staff, patients, and visitors in healthcare facilities of the future.”

About Cleankeys: Cleankeys Inc. is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of groundbreaking computer input solutions.

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