COLTENE Introduces BRILLIANT EverGlow High-Performance Universal Submicron Hybrid Composite

COLTENE presents BRILLIANT EverGlow, a new universal submicron hybrid composite distinguished by easy polishability, gloss retention, ideal handling and exceptional blending properties.

Highly aesthetic outcomes can be achieved using seven universal shades in COLTENE’s Duo Shade system, each of which covers two classical VITA shades (e.g., A1/B1, A2/B2). Two enamel shades (Trans, BL Tran), and three opaque shades (BLO, A1O, A2O) further enhance design options for custom restorations.

All BRILLIANT EverGlow universal, translucent and opaque shades are available in a 3g syringe or 0.2g tip refills or kits. An economical Starter Kit includes an assortment of four commonly used universal and translucent shades. Now available for sale in Canada.

Further information on BRILLIANT EverGlow may be found here.

Coltène is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of consumables and small equipment for dental treatment applications. The foundation for Coltène AG was laid in 1963 in the fields of production and trade with products for dentistry and construction chemistry. Numerous mergers and reorganisation resulted in a focus on the dental market in the 70s, in particular in the field of impression materials and dental fillings. The takeover of the US company Whaledent, a specialist for parapulpal pins and posts, led to the formation of the Coltène/Whaledent company group in 1990 with intensified international alignment. Further company acquisitions supplemented the product range with a bias towards orthodontics, rotating instruments and a large number or dental consumables.

Today, COLTENE operates production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Brazil and the USA, as well as a worldwide sales network with its own representatives and distribution partners. Dentists and dental technicians worldwide rely on COLTENE products, both for conventional, as well as implant-based treatment and dental reconstruction. More information on COLTENE and our products is available on our website