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Convenience and True-to-Nature Esthetics with IPS Empress Direct Flow

May 26, 2011
by Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent is pleased to introduce IPS Empress Direct Flow, a light-curing flowable nano-hybrid composite developed for the creation of highly-esthetic restorations in the anterior region.  IPS Empress Direct Flow offers the esthetics of a ceramic with the convenience of a composite.  

IPS Empress Direct Flow is the perfect addition to the IPS Empress Direct product line.  Available in three effect shades (Bleach XL, Opalescent and Trans 30), IPS Empress Direct Flow enables dentists to more easily create restorations in even the most esthetically demanding cases.  The Opalescent shade offers unparalleled results to highly translucent opalescent incisal edges, while Trans 30 creates life-like translucency found  in the majority of anterior incisal edges.  IPS Empress Direct Flow is also available in Bleach XL which gives the dentist the ability to recreate true-to-nature characteristics, including fluorosis. 

IPS Empress Direct Flow was developed specifically for the placement of anterior restorations (Classes III, IV), esthetic effects in the incisal-third, all small restorations and repair of composite or ceramic veneers.  The material was created with improved and innovative material sciences and demonstrates excellent polishability, optimal surface affinity to ensure stability and improved consistency which allows the dentist to sculpt/contour with either a brush or spatula. 

For over 20 years, the IPS Empress System has been associated with the best in convenience, reliability, and esthetics in all-ceramics.  Gaining a reputation for producing long-lasting, naturally-appearing results, over 40 million restorations have been fabricated with the IPS Empress System to date.  IPS Empress Direct Flow makes these same promises in a direct nano-hybrid flowable composite restorative material.



Ivoclar Vivadent is an international market-leading provider of innovative dental materials for quality esthetic, preventive, and prosthetic dentistry. Passion, vision,  and innovation are the driving forces behind the company’s customer-centered, sensible and clinically proven products for meeting today’s esthetic restorative demands. The company established its leadership position within the dental industry by developing, manufacturing, delivering, and supporting quality products that are used and trusted by dental laboratories and dentists in over 100 countries throughout the world–including Multilink® Automix resin cement, BlueLine Esthetic Denture Teeth, and the Odyssey® Navigator diode laser. For nearly 100 years, Ivoclar Vivadent has been uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of both clinicians and laboratory professionals by providing beautiful and functional prosthetics, preventive materials, and direct restoratives, among other innovative technologies. The company’s most noteworthy products includes IPS Empress®, the world’s leading all-ceramic brand that ushered in the Esthetic RevolutionTM in the 1990s, and IPS e.max®, a singular restorative system that harnesses the opportunities available to dental professionals today through Esthetic Digital Dentistrysm.

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