Convergent Dental Introduces Solea® Software 3.2: Faster Cutting, Easier to Use

Convergent Dental Inc., developers of Solea®, the industry-leading CO2 all-tissue dental laser system, unveiled the new Solea Software (SW) 3.2 update today. The 3.2 version of Solea software is the latest in a series of updates that have continually improved the performance of Solea since its launch in 2013. Consistent with previous updates, Solea SW 3.2 offers a significant increase in cutting speed, smoother surface finishes, and Solea’s industry-renowned analgesic effect. Solea SW 3.2 further simplifies the user interface with a single mode that cuts any tissue in the oral cavity – no settings required. Solea SW 3.2 is delivered via Wi-Fi, free of charge to all existing Solea users with an active service contract.

Exciting new features of Solea SW 3.2 include:

All New Cutting Algorithms
Everything from cutting speed to patient comfort is dictated by complex algorithms that run under Solea’s hood. Data received from existing users is leveraged to continually improve how energy is delivered providing optimal performance for the dentist and an optimal experience for the patient. Most importantly, all of this happens behind the scenes. The dentist simply aims the laser at the target tissue and uses Solea’s variable speed foot pedal to obtain the desired cut.  The algorithms run behind the scenes so the dentists don’t have to manage complicated settings or become laser experts.

A Simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Single mode for either hard or soft tissue – Dentists simply select a spot size, place Solea’s aiming beam on the target tissue, step on the variable-speed foot pedal, and go!
  • Simplified Push Buttons – Easy and intuitive ON/OFF push buttons have been added, eliminating steps required before starting up Solea or shutting it down.
  • Low Power Mode – Enables more control at the low end of the power range for more sensitive applications.

“This update demonstrates our continued commitment to increasing the value of Solea to our customers over time,” remarked Michael Cataldo, Convergent Dental CEO. “The better Solea performs and the easier it is to use, the more our customers can do with it. Even better, all that happens with a software update delivered via Wi-Fi on their existing hardware platform.”

According to Dr. Mark Mizner, “As the very first user, I’ve watched Solea evolve and improve over the years. After a dozen or so updates, I truly thought it couldn’t get any better. With Solea SW 3.2, the onset of analgesia was almost instantaneous. It cuts faster and even smoother than ever before. It was an amazing experience for both me and my patient; the results were absolutely beautiful. I didn’t think it was possible for Solea to be even simpler to use but Convergent did it again.”

Dental professionals are encouraged to experience how the Solea SW 3.2 can work for them by visiting Convergent Dental at the 2018 Chicago Midwinter dental meeting at Booth #4806.

For further information about Solea, please visit or call 844.GOSOLEA.

About Convergent Dental, Inc.
Convergent Dental, Inc. is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company. Solea® is the only CO2 laser to be cleared for all-tissue indications. Solea’s unique wavelength and computer controls enable reliable anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, pain-free dentistry driving significant efficiencies and practice growth for the dentists who use it.

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