Curaprox ‘Black is White’, New Gold Standard Activated Carbon Toothpaste, Launches in Canada

Oral Science is happy to answer the growing demand by patients for activated carbon toothpaste by launching in Canada the new Curaprox Black is White toothpaste, which uses non-abrasive Swiss activated carbon to whiten teeth safely without leaving a grey tint to the teeth or creating abrasive loose charcoal particles.

Activated carbon must not be confused with raw charcoal powder toothpastes which should be avoided by patients. Activated carbon is created by mixing charcoal powder into the toothpaste at the manufacturing stage, creating an homogenous non-abrasive product that whitens teeth by absorbing stains, while charcoal powder whitens by rubbing particles against the teeth.

The Curaprox Black is White can also be used as a regular toothpaste as it is indicated by Health Canada to help reduces caries, thanks to the sodium fluoride it contains. It is also made of hydroxyapatite, a calcium phosphate substance that will also protect against tooth sensitivity.

As mentioned, it is non-abrasive with a RDA level of 76 and contains no irritating ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate or Triclosan.

Each tube comes in a package including the flagship Curaprox toothbrush which is the softest in the world!

We are also proud of being the partner of one of the most watched TV show in Quebec, « Occupation Double Grèce » and being the exclusive toothpaste used by its participants.

The Curaprox Black is White is available for dental offices immediately and is offered with a free counter display for each 12-pack bought.

Patients can easily purchase it online at