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DENTSPLY Canada introduces Jeltrate Chroma Color-Changing Alginate Impression Material

July 3, 2012
by Dentsply Canada Limited

DENTSPLY Canada announces the launch of Jeltrate® Chroma Dustless Color-Changing Alginate Impression Material. Jeltrate® Chroma is formulated to change colors for each preparation phase: fuchsia during mixing, lavender during tray loading and seating to light blue during setting in the mouth.  The product has a fast setting time of 2 minutes and a five day dimensional stability.  The dustless formulation reduces airborne particles when dispensing and mixing, for a healthier environment and easier cleanup. Jeltrate® Chroma Alginate is intended to provide models for study and for the production of restorative prosthetic devices, such as dental inlays and dentures. The product is available as an intro kit – including a reusable canister and water/powder measures – and 454g refill pouches.

For more information, visit www.dentsply.ca or contact DENTSPLY Canada at 1-800-263-1437.

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