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DID YOU HEAR? The first and only epinephrine injector with audio instructions!

June 26, 2014
by HANSAmed Ltd.

Introducing Allerject™

Allerject™ is indicated for the emergency treatment of serious allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and is intended for people who are at risk and for people with a history of serious allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). Allerject™ should be used immediately to treat yourself or your child when experiencing a severe allergic reaction. This is emergency treatment. It does not replace seeing a doctor or going to the hospital. After injection, seek immediate medical attention. Allerject™ contains epinephrine, which is the medication used for the treatment of anaphylaxis.

Allerject™ talks

Research shows that many patients do not know how to correctly use their auto-injector. In studies, only a modest proportion of patients (30–44%) who had been prescribed auto-injectors were able to demonstrate correct self-administration.

Allerject™ has been designed to address these concerns. It is the only epinephrine auto-injector with voice instructions. It guides patients and caregivers step-by-step, calmly and efficiently, through the injection process.

Allerject™ is available with voice instructions in either English or French.

Allerject™ is designed for ease of use

Allerject™ has a number of other features designed to make it easy to use.

  • A light signals when the injection is complete.
  • A retractable needle system. Patients never see the needle – before, during or after injection.
  • A press-and-hold injection method.
  • The automated voice counts down the five seconds of injection time (“5-4-3-2-1, injection complete”), helping patients maintain steady application and confirming drug delivery.

The injector has been designed to be easy-to-use, portable and ergonomic in order to assist patients with complying with recommendations that epinephrine should be available at all times and administered without delay in an allergic emergency.

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