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Kickstarter Campaign Results in PerioTwist Distribution

April 18, 2017
by PerioTwist

Dr. Allan Coopersmith BSc DDS FAGD FADI FICD FCARDP FACD FIADFE, and Nathalie Fiset RDH, have invented an innovative interdental cleaner, the PerioTwist™.  After a hugely successful run on Kickstarter, the Founders are pleased to announce that the PerioTwist™ has now finished production, and is ready for world-wide distribution through their website PerioTwist.com.

The PerioTwist™ is a new patented and innovative interdental cleaner which acts like a turbo toothpick that is easier, faster and more efficient than any floss, pick or brush you will ever use.

There are no wires to break or scratch sensitive roots or titanium implants and crowns.

Consumer’s young and old can use PerioTwist™ thanks to its ergonomically designed handle. With its narrow ridged tip and wider base, PerioTwist™ aims to fit between almost any two teeth, large or small.

Each PerioTwist™ is reusable and can last for up to 7 days, which makes it economically and environmentally friendly. It also has 100% natural antibacterial which keeps it germ-free and even self cleans between uses. The best part is it has a cover and is small enough to carry in your pocket or wallet without getting damaged for use on the go!

PerioTwist will help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath, and even systemic illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes. With the patented design, the PerioTwist™ can apply any liquid, gel or paste – which stays there even when the PerioTwist™ is removed  making it the perfect tool to apply any antibacterial, desensitizer, whitening gels or re-mineralization paste and much more! Use it in the office- cover it – and give one to your patient for home use.

“Most patients hate or refuse to floss” Said Dr. Coopersmith and Nathalie Fiset. “The truth is that dental floss is not the easiest to use. You need both clean hands, manual dexterity and usually a mirror and sink. It often tears or shreds and can even turn your fingers blue”.

Dentists and Hygienists who tried the PerioTwist™ themselves loved it. It’s simplicity of use, the ability to clean around dental work, splints, bridges, implants and large spaces and root indentations in the mouth make it easier and more effective than floss.

The PerioTwist™ was invented, developed, and manufactured in Montreal, Canada to ensure the absolute highest quality. It is made from FDA approved latex and BPA free plastics.

PerioTwist launched on Kickstarter in July 2016, tripling their goal of $30,000 by raising over $118,000 in 45 days. PerioTwist.com has officially launched and is ready for worldwide shipping and distribution.

Protect All Your Hard Work and Your Patients’ Oral and Systemic Health!

Patients, Dentists and Hygienists can visit periotwist.com for more uses in the office and information.

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