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Managing Hygiene Products Taught Through OIM Instrument Program

March 2, 2017
by D Sharp

What is the OIM Program?
Designed for practices seeking to better manage their dental hygiene instruments and reduce instrument costs. It is a program that will put systems in place to ensure that all dental hygienists in the practice are always using optimal instruments.

How does the OIM Program work?
1. Each operatory will start the program with new D Sharp Life Steel Instruments
2. A typical set-up consists of 5 sets of 6 instruments (i.e. H6/H7, 204S, BH1/2, GR1/2, GR11/12, GR13/14)
3. Four months later (for a full time running operatory) the next set of new D Sharp Life Steel instruments arrive (with UPS return service label).
4. Simply return the used instruments to D Sharp using the return service label that is provided.
5. Maintenance will be delivered on the existing set (sharpening, re-tipping, or replacement).
6. 4 months later the next shipment arrives, and so on…

What is included in the OIM Program
Each full time operating operatory will receive 5 sets of 6 D Sharp Life Steel instruments). Customized orders are available with regards to the number of sets of instruments and the type of instruments included.

Program Advantages

  • Receive 10% discount on all other instrumentation needed in your practice.
  • Always have sharp quality instruments on hand to use on your patients.
  • No more collecting old instruments in your practice!
  • Get your practice organized.

How much does the OIM Program cost

  • Receive $2700 in instrumentation
  • $129/month for the first year!
  • $99/month subsequent months!

For more information, visit D-Sharp’s website: http://www.dsharp.ca/services

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