OraCare: A Simple Solution to Protect Your Implants

The new Implant Post-Op Care System from OraCare is a simple solution to protect implants from the number-one cause of failure — peri-implantitis.

Studies show that as many as 10% of all dental implants fail, with the main cause being peri-implantitis. 47% of all dental implants have been shown to have peri-implantitis, which can affect the stabilization of the implant and thus cause failure. Peri-Implantitis can also cause the tissue to shrink, resulting in a poor cosmetic outcome. OraCare’s Implant Post-Op Care System was designed specifically to fight and prevent peri-implantitis.

An alternative to chlorhexidine, the main ingredients in the OraCare system are activated chlorine dioxide and Xylitol, which have the ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, biofilm, and VSCs without causing staining and calculus buildup.

This integrated system provides an in-office gel and a take-home patient rinse. The gel offers a slower release and is three times as strong as the rinse to make a strong, positive impact right after surgery and eliminate microbes as soon as possible. As a follow up, patients take the rinse home and use it for the next month at least — although many use it indefinitely because they enjoy the clean feeling it leaves after use.

This system was created after dentists who placed implants saw the great results that OraCare’s Activated Oral Cleanser had on the tissue around the surgical site. They had never seen tissue respond so well in such a short time and felt that patients would benefit from a gel applied after initial placement in tandem with the rinse.

The system is designed for placement after surgery, but also can be used to rehabilitate an implant with peri-implantitis.

This breakthrough product protects the investment that both the doctor and patient make on implants.