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OraCoat XyliMelts Have Been Picked As The Best In Non-Prescription Dry Mouth Remedy

August 23, 2016
by Oral Health

oracoat-xylimeltsA recent Clinicians Report® survey rated OraCoat XyliMelts® as more effective than any other non-prescription remedy for treating xerostomia, more commonly known as dry mouth. The recent report published by CR Foundation, an independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, canvassed responses from 1168 dentists regarding their usage experiences with eight types of remedies for dry mouth.

Dry mouth is the subjective sensation of dryness experienced during the daytime or nighttime when an insufficient amount of saliva is produced. While mild or occasional oral dryness occurring especially during sleep is considered normal in healthy individuals, excessive ongoing dryness leads to, among other things, disturbed sleep, difficulty chewing and swallowing, tongue roughness, frequently drinking liquids at night, and rampant tooth decay. OraCoat XyliMelts oral adhering discs treat dry mouth day and night by sticking to the gums and teeth and slowly releasing xylitol and cellulose gum, which stimulates saliva production and coats the mouth with a healthy, adherent gel, providing lasting relief and reduction of tooth decay.

“While there’s a multitude of products on the market that treat dry mouth, XyliMelts is the only remedy designed for use while sleeping, which is when dry mouth is worst,” stated Jeff Haley, Founder, President, and Chief Scientist of OraCoat. “Dry mouth at night disturbs sleep and can affect quality of life. By adhering two XyliMelts discs in their mouths at bedtime, dry mouth sufferers get a good night’s sleep for the first time in months or years.”

The CR Foundation study rated dentists’ responses on a scale of very effective, moderately effective, slightly effective, or ineffective. Of the 152 dentists who reported experience with OraCoat XyliMelts, 9.2% rated the adhering discs as ‘very effective’, a higher percentage than any other non-prescription remedy for dry mouth. 59.2% of the 152 respondents rated OraCoat XyliMelts as very effective or moderately effective, a higher percentage than the rating given to any other non-prescription remedy on the same level of effectiveness. The full report is available at www.oracoat.com

OraCoat XyliMelts are available in Canada exclusively through Oral Science.

For the full report by CR Foundation, please visit: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0035/3832/files/OraHealth_DryMouth_DU.pdf?9179152723513822573

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