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Pierrel Pharma is pleased to introduce Orabloc

January 20, 2014
by Oral Health Group

Pierrel Pharma, a global leader in quality dental anesthetics is pleased to introduce Orabloc®, an aseptically produced articaine anesthetic that clearly differentiates. Itself from all other local anesthetics on the market. Successfully used by clinicians for years throughout Europe, Orabloc® is now approved for use in Canada.Orabloc® was named a Dental Product Shopper Best Product for 2013. Orabloc®’s innovative, state-of-the-art aseptic manufacturing process does not use heat to sterilize the product, and therefore does not contribute to the degradation of the epinephrine.  As a result, Orabloc’s® aseptic manufacturing process produces a product with only a 10% epinephrine overage, in accordance with the American Heart Association’s recommendations to use the product with the least amount of epinephrine.  Less epinephrine degradation also means a 24-month shelf life when stored at room temperature.

Indicated for local, infiltrative, or conductive anesthesia in simple and complex dental procedures, Orabloc® has a rapid onset of anesthesia of one to three minutes. It provides a reliable duration of anesthesia.  The formula contains no sodium edetate, methyparaben or latex, and the lubricated rubber closures provide maximum safety, smooth plunger movement, and precise control during injection.

For most routine dental procedures, Orabloc® articaine hydrochloride 4% with epinephrine 1:200,000 is preferred. When more pronounced hemostasis or improved visualization of the surgical field is required, Orabloc® containing epinephrine 1:100,000 may be used.

Each Orabloc® cartridge is individually sealed in its own blister packet for maximum protection during handling. This avoids glass-to-glass contact and exposure of the other cartridges when a cartridge is taken from the blister. It also provides an additional barrier to protect the epinephrine against oxidation.

Today’s busy dental practices require anesthetics that are fast, predictable and safe. With a rapid onset time of one to three minutes, a reliable duration of anesthesia and an aseptic manufacturing process, Orabloc® delivers on all three. Orabloc® has a 24- month shelf life, less epinephrine overages than anesthetics made with a terminal sterilization process, and requires less volume than lidocaine anesthetics. And each cartridge comes in its own blister packet for safe handling. Orabloc® also saves money, priced 20% below the leading brand. For fast, profound anesthesia, choose Orabloc® from Pierrel Pharma.  Orabloc® is available through Patterson Canada, Sinclair Dental and Henry Schein Canada. 

To learn more about Orabloc®, please visit www.Orabloc.com or e-mail us as info.pharma@pierrelgroup.com.  The Orabloc® Product Information line is 1-877-394-2465.  You may view an educational tutorial on Orabloc® and the aseptic manufacturing process at http://pierrelpharmalearning.com/member/classroom.asp?x_classID=1947.

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