Planmeca Introduces Next Generation of Dental Imaging Technology – Viso

Oral surgeons will be among the first dental professionals to experience the new Planmeca Viso™, which debuts at the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons meeting in Chicago this week.  Attendees can view Planmeca’s latest entry in digital technology at booth 1829.

The new Planmeca Viso imaging system, which includes 2D, 3D, and optional cephalometric modalities, offers improved patient positioning, simpler field-of-view adjustments, excellent image quality, and intelligent patient movement correction.

Planmeca Viso is designed to capture outstanding images at a low patient dose  With high image quality, exceptional durability, and standard Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging, Planmeca Viso introduces a more efficient imaging workflow, innovative live video patient positioning, and intelligent field-of-view adjustments. With a large 25×30 cm flat panel sensor, Planmeca Viso can capture the industry’s largest single scans volume covering the entire maxillofacial area.

Patient positioning is now done directly from the system’s control panel utilizing integrated cameras and a live video view. The operator can see the patient live from the control panel screen for flexible and exact positioning. This innovation also allows users to do field-of-view adjustments directly from the live control panel view with the touch of a fingertip.

Another feature for Planmeca Viso is Planmeca CALM™ (Correction Algorithm for Latent Movement) which analyzes and compensates for slight movements during a scan to provide improved diagnostic images and virtually eliminate retakes. Planmeca Viso’s new imaging arm design also provides increased patient space and shorter acquisition times.

Additionally, the system introduces a new way of capturing three-dimensional Planmeca ProFace® facial photos. Equipped with a new upper and lower head support and four integrated cameras aimed at the patient from different directions, Planmeca ProFace covers a larger area than before with enhanced image quality.

“When we started this project, our goal was to create a CBCT system that would offer a fluent workflow and adaptability for different patient sizes and indications – not to mention uncompromised image quality even at the lowest doses,” states Timo Müller, Vice President of Planmeca’s X-ray division. “I am happy to say that we have exceeded this goal.”

Planmeca Viso paves the way for the launch of Planmeca 4D™ Jaw Motion. This new Planmeca-exclusive technology is the only CBCT integrated solution for tracking, recording, visualizing, and analyzing jaw movement in 3D. It offers incomparable visualization and measurement data of mandibular 3D movements in real-time – creating a fourth dimension in diagnostics.

The first deliveries of Planmeca Viso have already been completed to some of the largest European markets and the new system has received an excellent reception. The Planmeca Viso and Planmeca 4D® Jaw Motion are now available in the U.S. through authorized dealers and distribution partnerships.

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